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We have turned the Australian Visa Application Process into an easy Process for you! Get surprised with all benefits and advantages of using our platform. Our exclusive services will make your trip much easier!
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24/7 Customer Support. Please contact us if you need assistance the 24 hours of the day in the 7 days of the week to help you through the process.

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Get your Money Back. If your application is unfortunately not approved or if your travel is cancelled for any major reason, you'll receive your money back. Easy!

Multiple Applications

You can apply for each one of the travellers fast and easily during the Visa process.

Safety and Privacy

Privacy Protection and Safe form.

Expert Revisions

Guarantee that applications are revised and corrected by visa experts before submission.

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Save time for your Visa request with our form and wait to receive it in your inbox.

Why do I need an Australian visa for enter to Australia?

Australia is a country that controls the entrance of visitors to the country through a bureaucratic document called "Visa". Prior to the arrival of the visitor to the country, the visitor must prepare and manage the obtaining of the "Visa" suitable for the type of stay that is going to make. This is a very important step because if you do not do well you can end up assuming no entry in the visitor's country.

Global-Visas has developed a platform to be able to simplify and accelerate this process to do it easily without displacements or delays. With our form review experts, our clients are able to verify the information provided on the form quickly before applying for a visa and leaving all subsequent procedures to Global-Visas.

Our clients will be able to apply for more than one visa for all members of their family in the same application without having to fill out more forms.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our platform is totally designed to help you throughout the process of getting a visa. There is no need for you to be an expert of the process, let us do the hard work. Start packing your bags to go to Australia!
How long can I stay in Australia?
Visitors can stay in Australia for up to 3 months at a time during multiple visits. If the visitor's passport expires within those 12 months, he will need to re-apply for an Evisitor / ETA.
How much will it cost me? offers several different travel visa services and the fees will depend on the service, the time of your stay, and the kind of visa you wish to apply for. Please note that supplementary government fees may apply for certain visas. Quick and easy online application for you and those travelling with you, Get your Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) or your E-Visitor for only 69.00 USD
For how much time will the visa be valid?
An E-Visitor / ETA in Australia is valid for 12 months.
Which visa do I need to apply for?
Depending on your nationality, particular needs and whether you meet the eligibility criteria for the different kinds of visas, you will apply for one visa or another. Travel Visa Eligibility Assessment will let you choose the right travel visa for you and will also guide you when you submit your application online.
Reasons to apply for an ETA with us
Applying ETA with us will make you have the best services we can provide you during this important process for your trip. Below you may see a comparison with the services can provide that without us you can not get.
24/365 Online Application
No registration required
All data
Free updates and corrections in any of the visa fields provided
Simplified submission process
Notice for missing or incorrect information
Privacy protection and safe form/td>
Verification and control of information required
Support and Assistance 24/7 by E-mail
Sending your ETA by email in PDF format
Recovery of your ETA in case of loss

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