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All visitors that want to entry to Australia are required to hold a valid Travel Authorization. For applying for an online ETA there are some conditions: you must be a citizen of one of the countries listed below, you must hold a valid passport.

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  • Why Do I need an ETA to visit Australia?

    If you are a citizen of any of the 33 eligible countries, an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) replaces the need to apply for a visa label or stamp.

  • Which are the two available visas?

    Visitors can have 2 types of AUSTRALIA VISA, but it depends on the purpose of their trip. Our Travel Visa Eligibility Experts will help you decide which one you need to apply for; ETA or E-Visitor Visa depending on your nationality. Both Australian visas let you visit Australia for tourist or business purposes as many times as you need for up to 1 year with a maximum of 3 months per stay.

  • What types of visa for australia can be applied online?

    You can apply for a Visitor/Tourist ETA (if travelling for tourism or to visit friends or relatives) and for Short Validity Business ETA (if travelling for business purposes). The ETA is valid for 12 months with stays of up to 3 months on each visit, and can be used for single or multiple entry travel. Depending on your nationality we will process the correct Australian visa.

  • Is it possible to get a multiple-entry visa?

    This is something totally allowed by all travel visa kinds, during the validity of the visa and passports clients have submitted.

  • What is the processing time for visa applications?

    Over 97% Australia visas approved in less than one day. To make sure that it's the faster as possible we need the applicant to ensure that an application is complete and accompanied by full and relevant information. An incomplete application form and/or the absence of required or relevant information may result in delays in processing or in the application being refused.

  • Should I purchase my airline ticket before travelling?

    Our recommendation is not to purchase non-refundable tickets or accommodation prior to the grant of a visa. Any such purchases are the sole responsibility of the visa applicant. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends that you lodge your visa application well ahead of your proposed travel date and finalise travel arrangements after visa issue.

  • Who is the one that decides if I will get a visa for Australia?

    The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection assesses and decides all visa applications.

  • What is exactly an ETA?

    An ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is equivalent to a visa, but in this case there is no stamp or label in the passport and there is no need for the visitor to visit an Australian diplomatic office to submit an application. Only citizens of certain countries are eligible to apply for an ETA. Depending on your nationality we will process the correct Australia visa.

  • What is exactly an eVisitor?

    An eVisitor is an electronically stored authority for visits to Australia for tourism or business purposes for up to three months. eVisitor facility is available to passport holders from the European Union and a number of other European countries, who are outside Australia.
    eVisitor holders can enter Australia multiple times over a twelve month period, from the date of grant of visa, for a stay of up to three months on each occasion.
    An eVisitor can only be applied for online and applicants must be located outside of Australia to be granted an eVisitor. Depending on your nationality we will process the correct Australian visa.

  • Do I need an ETA for all my children? how do I apply?

    Yes they will require ETAs to visit Australia. The only case they will not need it is if they hold Australian passports. All travellers to Australia, regardless of age, require an ETA.
    If your children have their own passport, you should apply for a separate ETA for the child, entering all the details from your child's passport.
    If your children is on a parent's passport, you still need a separate ETA; just normally apply using the parent's passport details, but use the child's name, sex, country of birth, and date of birth as they appear on the passport.

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